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fine-grain carbon steel
  • DIN 17100 ST 50-2 steel plate for general Construction steels
    DIN 17100 ST 50-2 steel plate/sheet, DIN 17100 ST 50-2 steel plate/sheet, under DIN 17100 standard, we can regard ST 50-2 steel plate/sheet for general Construction steels.
  • EN 10025-3 S420NL high quality steel grade
    EN 10025-3 steel grade is for weldable fine grain structural normalized steel in S275N, S275NL, S355N, S355NL, S420N, S420NL, S460N and S460NL steel plate.
  • JIS G4051 S20C steel
    S20C is under the standard JIS G4051,S20C steel is used for all kinds of machine parts,if you need JIS G4051 S20C steel,contact us!
  • JIS G4051 S15C steel
    JIS G4051 S15C steel has low mechanical strength, good plasticity and toughness. S15C steel is easy to mold forming under cold condition and it is easy to cutting, good welding performance,if you need JIS G4051 S15C steel,contact us!
  • JIS G4051 S09CK steel
    S09CK steel is a kind of carbon steel with machinery manufacturing under the standard JIS G4051,JIS G4051 S09CK steel has low strength, steel soft,good plasticity and toughness,if you need JIS G4051 S09CK steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1026 steel
    ASTM1026 steel is a kind of high-quality carbon structural steel under the standard ASTM A29/A29M-04,katalor is ASTM1026 steel supplier,if you need ASTM1026 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1021 steel
    ASTM1021 steel round bar, ASTM1021 steel pipe with good quality and fast delivery time and best price,katalor is ASTM1021 steel supplier,if you need ASTM1021 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1055 steel
    1055 steel is full-killed steel manufactured by the process of electric furnace, open hearth or made in pure oxygen converter,katalor is 1055 steel supplier,if you need 1055 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1050 steel
    Katalor can supply all the 1050 steel type, such as 1050 steel plate, 1050 steel pipe, 1050 steel bar and so on with the most competitive price,if you need ASTM1050 steel,contact us!
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